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Ube Macapuno

Call us for your catering needs for pastries, cakes, and more. Pastry chef Daniel Abraham is a master in the bakery, creating an astonishing variety of options for you to choose from. We are the secret source for some of Winnipeg’s fine restaurants, featuring our work on their daily dessert menus. You can have the same delicacies, or even something created just for you.

PastryCastle-WeddingCake_1421Wedding Cakes

We love making great wedding cakes. Come by to discuss your needs, and see some photos of past creations. You may already have something specific in mind, or want to explore options and see what is the right fit to your wedding. We can put together something to suit your special day. You can then relax, knowing that it will look great, and the taste will impress your guests.

2 thoughts on “Catering, events, weddings

  1. Hi there I’m wondering if you are up and running for take out??? I am interested in a Sacher Torte….could you describe how many layers and what type of spread,what size, number of servings, and lastly the price…..
    Looking forward to hear from you…

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